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What are the main symptoms of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases?

What are the main symptoms of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases?

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A:(1)cardiovascular diseases,such as the symptoms of coronary heart disease(including angina and myocardial infarction):
Chest tightness,palpitation restlessness and shortness of breath;Arrhythmia;Chest pain,retrosternal or anterior cardiac pain;Tight gas,syncope,weakness,belching;Chest tingling,fixation,even worse into the night;The main diseases of coronary heart disease,angina and insufficient blood supply of coronary arteries were glossial purplish tongue and sinusoidal pulse.Upper abdominal pain,nausea and vomiting;Left back pain,left arm pain.
(2)cerebrovascular diseases,such as symptoms of ischemic stroke(including cerebral thrombosis,cerebral embolism,etc.):
Hemiplegia,hemisomnia,blindness,aphasia.Or cross paralysis,cross sensory disorder,external ophthalmic paralysis,nystagmus,dysphagia,ataxia,vertigo,etc.
Limb weakness,numbness,facial and upper and lower limbs sensory disorder;Unilateral immobility;Language barrier,not quick speaking;Memory loss;Suddenly you don't see things clearly;
Eye movement is not flexible;Urinary incontinence;Unbalanced balance and unstable standing;Disturbance of consciousness;Headache or nausea and vomiting;Dizziness,tinnitus.