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What are the characteristics of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases?

What are the characteristics of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases?

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A:(1)high incidence
Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have the characteristics of"high incidence,high disability rate,high mortality rate,high recurrence rate,and many complications"-"four one more".The number of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China has exceeded 270 million!
(2)high mortality
Every year,nearly 3 million people die from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases,accounting for 51%of the total causes of death in China.The survivors were 75 percent incapacitated and 40 percent disabled!
(3)high recurrence rate
The recurrence rate of stroke patients in China is 30%in the first year after discharge,and 59%in the fifth year.The United States,where secondary prevention is better,has only 10 percent.Because our country medical insurance covers a crowd to be small,the relapse rate of stroke patient and international average level should exceed 1 times!Patients taking reliable drugs to prevent stroke over a long period of time had a recurrence rate more than 80 percent lower and a mortality rate more than 90 percent lower than those who stopped taking them.More than 80%of patients who have been on long-term medication for more than three years have no risk of recurrence.