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What should diabetic diet notice?

What should diabetic diet notice?

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A.(1)eat less fruit
Fruit contains more fructose and glucose,and can be quickly absorbed by the body,resulting in increased blood sugar.Therefore,patients with severe diabetes should not eat too much fruit.
(2)no drinking
Alcohol contains 14.64 kilojoules(3.5 kilocalories)of calories per gram.It is a high-calorie food and has the function of burning calories in the body.Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to hyperlipidemia or metabolic disorder,increasing the burden on the liver.When diabetic patients drink alcohol,they eat some carbohydrate food,and their blood sugar will rise,causing the diabetes out of control.Frequent drinking without food can inhibit the decomposition of hepatoglycogen,reduce the amount of glucose in the blood grape(grape food),and present hypoglycemia(glucose food)symptoms.Therefore,people with severe diabetes mellitus with hepatobiliary diseases,especially those who are using insulin and taking oral hypoglycemic drugs,are prohibited from drinking alcohol.
(3)eat less foods high in sugar and salt
In the understanding of diabetes,doctors often restrict the diet,especially the food with high sugar content,as an important prevention method to guide patients.However,there was little attention paid to limiting salt intake.Modern medical studies have shown that excessive salt can enhance the activity of amylase and promote the digestion of starch(digestive food),and promote the absorption of free glucose in the small intestine,which can cause the increase of blood glucose concentration and aggravate the disease.Therefore,diabetics should not eat more salt.