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  Within three years, Hongji Pharmaceutical will be striving to become a large comprehensive health industrial group integrating high-end health care products, natural cosmetics, natural health drinks, new special medicine production and class Ⅲ grade Ⅰgeneral hospital operation, in order to make a significant contribution to human health and to create another brilliant future. Facing the future, Hongji Pharmaceutical will assume the grand mission of “ Striving for the human health careers”, move forward with innovation and grow into a world-class pharmaceutical enterprise.

  Shaanxi Hongji Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.,established in August 2005,,is a large modern private enterprise integrating research and development,production and sales of new special medicines,high-end health food,functional cosmetics.It has also invested in real estate,electronics and hospitals industries.Since its establishment,the company has focused on brand construction and long-term strategic planning,always has been following in accordance with the purpose of“occupy the market by curative effect,extend the life by service”,as well as the principle of“produce the superb medicine with conscientiousness and moral”;therefore the company has achieved the great acceptance by consumers and the market.Moreover,Hongji Pharmaceutical has achieved the“outstanding enterprise of Shaanxi province pharmaceuticals industry”,“the exemplary enterprise without any complain records of 3-15 the World Consumer Rights Day”,the“AAA level enterprise of nationwide quality,reputation and service”,and other honorary titles.

  Based on domestic and international standards, Hongji Pharmaceutical attaches great importance to the introduction and investment of cutting-edge technologies, and has established good cooperative relations with US NEC, Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine and Argentina TRB Pharmaceutical. In order to introduce the high-end talents and experts, Hongji Pharmaceutical has constructed the deluxe experts apartments in the industrial park , and has built a scientific research team, which comprises a numbers of leading academicians of medical universities , the returned specialists from abroad, foreign experts, doctors and masters, totally 58 hi-tech talents, also a number of scientific research team specialized on Chinese medicine , pharmacology, pathology and nutrition. In order to ensure the efficient and scientific research, Hongji Pharmaceutical has also established the comprehensive lab building with sophisticated international standards, it has also introduction the "18D micro nuclear magnetism" and more than 30 kinds of cutting-edge scientific research experiment and testing equipment, which is possessing the rapid and accurate detectability to the“cell", "DNA", "chromosome", "gene", "pathology", "bacteria", and "blood". This has laid the solid foundation for the Hongji Pharmaceutical’s new product research and development. At the same time, the company owns an international management, production and quality inspection team, which forms a three-level quality assurance system running throughout the multiple links controls of raw materials, production process, product permission and market feedback. The company now owns 18 Lot identification marks with high technology, good curative effectiveness, exclusiveness in market and the great competitiveness. Besides, the company continues to invest to the new product researching and development with 20% proportion of annual business revenue. 


         After the outbreak of pneumonia in novel coronavirus in December 2019, Shaanxi Acer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was entrusted by Xixian New District Administrative Committee to spend more than 23 million yuan, and it took 15 days to quickly build the largest, highest-level, best-equipped and largest production enterprise of medical protective masks in our province. The company has a 100,000-class medical mask production and cleaning workshop of 2200㎡, a 20m³ fully automatic ethylene oxide sterilization and analysis room, and a standardized holographic inspection room. It has 16 large-scale automatic production lines for medical flat masks, 8 production lines for N95 protective masks, 600,000 disposable medical masks per day, 400,000 medical surgical masks, 300,000 KN95 masks and 200,000 N95 medical protective masks.