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  Over a dozen years, Shaanxi Hongji Pharmaceutical endured great hardships in pioneer work, overcame all obstacles and has gone through ups and downs. All the achievements we have obtained cannot be separated from the all the care, support and unremitting efforts of all the friends and colleagues from all sectors of the community and society.

  In my journey towards the new goal, I am soberly aware that today's international and domestic competitive environment is not the same as in the past. Development has made higher requirements for Hongji staff: the sustainable development needs high-tech products to support, and the market share needs high-quality products to guarantee. I know it very well that only when we looking far and aim high, make full consideration of the situation; and keep pace with the times, to blaze a new trails in an exploring and innovative spirit, can we stay ahead of the times. I will continue to build our superb brand as always with a generous heart, expand the domestic market with our full strength, strive to provide better products and professional services for the society, also strive to become a national and even a global influential pharmaceutical enterprise!