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Brand Introduction

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1. Brand introduction

Materia Medica is a medical laboratory skin care brand of Acer Pharmaceutical Group focusing on herbal research. The brand series of products by the fourth Military Medical University affiliated Xijing Hospital dermatology expert Professor Zhang Hailong as the chief research and development expert, at the same time gathered domestic and foreign professionals in various fields more than 50 people, founded the Bencao Time skin care research and development laboratory. Based on the 17 years of Chinese herbal medicine research and development strength, powerful formula database and clinical trial data of Acer Pharmaceutical Group, we have created a new three-dimensional formula concept of "repair, tonic and protection" of natural Chinese herbal medicine skin care. Combined with Acer Pharmaceutical's professional and unique high-purity plant purification technology, each product can realize the transdermal absorption of ultrafine small molecules, directly to the bottom of the muscle, and both internal and external treatment. Materia medica series of products truly achieve both skin care products and health products.

Materia Medica brand has four series of youth, frozen age, repair and children, with more than 60 products including anti-aging, repair, moisturizing, whitening, freckle removing and cleaning. Especially the innovative and specialized youth series products, so that our youth will no longer suffer from a variety of skin troubles, with exclusive product choices. The young group of "Age Z" is fully loaded with collagen, but due to long-term computer radiation, sun exposure and staying up late, the skin water and oil are not balanced, pigment metabolism is abnormal, skin immunity is reduced, resulting in dry skin, large pores, dark skin, acne frequent skin problems. The "Youth series" products extract the core ingredients from the raw grass (also known as the "skin liquid gold", also known as the resurrection grass, growing in the desert, in the loss of more than 98% of its own water can still be alive in the water), with a unique formula, 460 times lock water, touching the skin, are smooth and tender.

2. Brand origin

In the process of research and development of skin disease drugs, Acer Pharmaceutical has found through academic exchanges with many domestic and foreign dermatology experts due to business needs that the number of dermatology patients has increased rapidly in recent years and the population as a whole shows a trend of younger development. Lies in the "mess"? Inappropriate, excessive chemical agents, fake and inferior products cause all kinds of skin problems. In particular, the chairman's wife is also a regular customer of the major "double beauty institutions". Like others, in the process of pursuing beauty, unconsciously spent a lot of time and money, not only did not solve the problem, but even caused long-term skin trouble, affecting the lover's mood and confidence, the chairman saw in the eyes, pain in the heart.

Starting from a small love, finally a big love, the chairman of the heart is moving, for love. Created to the fourth Military Medical University dermatology expert Zhang Hailong as the lead, combined with domestic and foreign dermatology, biology, botany field expert group of skin care research team, determined to create a natural, safe, effective, no side effects of skin care products for their lovers and more women. After 10 years of research and development, the final success. All products are derived from the power of herbs and nature, and follow the method of regulating and nourishing inside and outside to rejuvenate the skin's true beauty, which is healthy, pure and confident from inside out. All raw materials, born in the land forest, have to be raised in herbs, nature is pure; Through the forest, rooted in herb, not beloved, herb coagulates in "her youth". Materia medica origin, because of love and farming, "Materia medica time" brand came into being.

"Materia Medica Time" series of each product, by the chairman's lover, relatives and friends the first time pro-test effect, is committed to create "natural, safe, no side effects" skin care products, truly feel the charm of materia medica skin care, let all women fear the passage of time, keep the youth! "Love her", "hurt her", give her "grass time"!

3. Brand culture

The research and development laboratory and production factory of Benca Love brand is located in Xi 'an, the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties, Xi 'an was called Chang 'an in ancient times, the former capital of China, the first of the six ancient cultural capitals of China, "Chang 'an has a unique beauty, beautiful eyes flowing gas if LAN", ancient beauty Yang Yuhuan and Diao Chan, now there are international economic and cultural tourism metropolis, gathering beauty from all over the world, they admire beauty, love beauty, In this burst of unique beauty culture.

At the same time, backed by the Chinese Dragon veins -- the lofty Qinling Mountains, the main peak of Taibai Mountain is 3771.2 meters above sea level, the dividing line between subtropical zone and warm temperate zone. Under the unique geographical environment, 3,210 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine plants have been cultivated, with numerous rare medicinal materials, and it is also the natural medicine repository for the secret formula of beauty of the peerless beauty.

Based on the unique cultural heritage of "diverse beauty" for five thousand years, the brand laboratory of Materia Medica has inherited the culture of Chinese herbal medicine for five thousand years. Relying on the rich resources of Chinese herbal medicine in the Qinling Mountains, it has been deeply working in the research and development field of Chinese herbal medicine for more than 10 years, deciphering the secrets of healthy and beautiful muscles, redefining the new ideas of herbal internal and external cultivation, and interpreting the philosophy of the pursuit of natural beauty.

Follow the power of herbs, restore the beauty of nature, "Materia medica" is natural herbs, extract the essence of natural Chinese herbs; "Time" is to use these authentic and chronological herbal essence, retain the beauty of the best memory, enjoy the beauty of life "time".

4. The main creative team

First, product research and development experts

Hailong Zhang, chief research and development expert of Bencaoniaoxia brand products, professor, Doctor of Medicine, postdoctoral fellow in the United States, chief physician of dermatology of Xijing Hospital of Air Force Military Medical University, special invited expert of the Department of Cosmetic Adverse Reaction Monitoring of State Food and Drug Administration. "Good Doctor" has been ranked among the top five in China for five consecutive years, and hormone-dependent dermatitis and acne have been ranked first in China for six consecutive years. Zhang Hailong led the R&D team to root 20 years of clinical research on facial skin diseases, especially acne, hormone-dependent dermatitis, sensitive skin, rose acne, melasma, cosmetic adverse reactions and other aspects in the research and development of Bencao Time series products, laying a strong foundation for the medical clinical research and development of Bencao Time micro-ecological skin care.

Two, product core ingredients cooperation experts

Dr.Karl Lintner is the father of the international peptide and the cooperative expert of the research and development of the core ingredients of the Bencao Love brand. Research and development content: peptide research, and the first to introduce the peptide patent technology into cosmetics application. At present, we have 10 internationally famous patents. He was awarded the SCC Dinaval Award and the Paris Lifetime Achievement Award in the cosmetics industry.

Amanda Costa Karita is a cooperative expert in the research and development of the core ingredients of Materia Medica brand. Doctor of University of Lyon, France, won the academic honor and award of "Dr. Herminio Ometto", published "Expand the performance of cosmetics through technology Combination" in the 30th Beauty Congress of Brazil in 2017. In 2018, the 30th IFSCC Conference in Munich (Germany) published "The influence of cetyl alcohol and ethoxylsorbitol on the development of liquid crystal cosmetics emulsion", and has R&D and practical application influence in the field of microbial skin care.

5. Brand concept

Herbs have spirit, beauty has a cure, use herbs to restore the beauty of nature.

6. Brand advantage

1. Medical laboratory brand focusing on herbal skin care research;

2. With 17 years' research background in pharmaceutical industry, I specialize in skin care with the attitude of doing medicine, and produce skin care products according to the standards of drug production. All products have passed the efficacy test of products for more than 3 years, including animal and human clinical trials, to fully guarantee the natural, safety and effectiveness of products;

3, with cutting-edge research and development laboratory and herb high-precision purification technology, so that the whole line of Materia medica love products to achieve ultra-fine small molecule penetration effect;

4, Inherit the gene of pharmaceutical enterprises, strict product quality, product safety is guaranteed. 24h medical skin care experts online Q&A, professional authority is guaranteed;

5. The products of Materia medica Love series all choose wild herbs as the core raw materials, carrying the balanced recuperation method of traditional Chinese medicine, to create natural, safe, no side effects of skin care products.

7. Core technology

1. The research and development of Materia medica products are carried out in biopharmaceutical medical laboratory. The team gathers experts in many fields, especially skin disease experts, which lays a good foundation for the safety, efficacy and accuracy of skin care products.

2. Acer Pharmaceutical Group has 17 years of pharmaceutical technology, including plant cell wall breaking technology, ultra-osmosis technology, autophagy technology, microecological technology, cell uptake technology, prebiotic technology and frame support technology.

8. Sales channels

Bencao Time series products in Taobao, Douyin, Kuaishou platforms are Bencao Time and Acer pharmaceutical official flagship stores, at the same time in the establishment of Baidu mall, and independent research and development of the unique "maker top cloud business" wechat small program, built the matrix of the whole network sales network. Materia medica Time all products can be tried before buying, can land on the "maker best cloud business" wechat small program home page for free.

9. Brand family

Herb love family star product

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TOP 02 Herbariaceae Plant Extraction Pure Chinese medicine shampoo

TOP 03 Herb life hyaluronic acid revitalizing eye cream

TOP 04 Materia medica polypeptide rejuvenating Essence Mask

TOP 05 Herb life hyaluronic acid vitriol eye mask

TOP 06 Herb Love Ginseng Beauty Muscle Essence "Spring Cream"

TOP 07 herb life hyaluronic acid revitalizing essence neck film

TOP 08 Herb youth "Little Golden bottle" ginseng crystal translucent rejuvenating essence

TOP 09 Herb age "frozen age" ginseng beauty muscle Essence milk

TOP 10 Herbal Age Collagen Toner * Essence * Face cream

Herb Marigold Cleansing Gel

TOP 12 herb time acne balance water

TOP 13 Herbal grape Seed Fragrance Hand cream

TOP 14 Black truffle plant Extract hair cream

TOP 15 Herbal Love Amino acid romantic shower gel

Herb year Chinese grapefruit mint early Qing mouthwash

TOP 17 Herbal acne treatment gel

TOP 18 Materia medica bamboo Charcoal cleanser for men

TOP 19 Herb Love Rhodiola Plant extract Skin toner for men

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