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  On the afternoon of December 15, 2017, more than 100 employees in headquarters and marketing center of Hongji Pharmaceuticals watched the patriotic film Wolf Warriors II at the multi-purpose conference center. This activity is another attempt of the company to permeate corporate culture. It is also a microcosm of caring for employees. The great love of the motherland will be turned into a powerful driving force for the work, and everyone will strive to make greater contributions in ordinary jobs, and come up with good ideas for our "back force". Let's sail together!

  On December 10, 2017, more than 20 famous calligraphers and painters came to Hongji industrial park to take part in the art creation tour and activity. The painters and calligraphers have all displayed their respective abilities, to express their conception and creation lively or painted with free sketch idea. Great artistic works have been created constantly, not only with admonishing aphorisms and epigrams, but also paintings with profound connotations of landscapes.

Education is integrated with art, which enables people to enjoy art while receiving a profound spiritual baptism. Hu tao, the president and chairman of Hongji Pharmaceutical, said that Hongji Pharmaceutical welcomes more famous painting and calligraphy artists to write, sketch and create. Hongji will also actively build a cultural exchange splatform to keep promoting the vigorous development of China's cultural exchanges.


  Memorizing to nature and showing wills to tree. Shaanxi Hongji Pharmaceuticals and <Xi'an Evening News> jointly organized a special activity of "sowing the hope, uniting the family affection" tree planting day. The president of our company took all the employees and some of the regular customers to participate in the activity. The employees who participated in the tree planting were full of enthusiasm and joy. They all had quite a busy day, full of sweat and full of energy to make a contribution to our nature and homeland.


  In order to improve the enthusiasm of employees and demonstrate the vitality of the Hongji team, the company organized all the employees to take part in the outdoor development activity. The lush mountains and the mellow sounds made everyone temporarily out of the busy work. They were enjoying the infinite scenery of nature while staying in the landscape. Through this outdoor development activity, all employees have gained more understanding with each other, and the cohesiveness between the teams has been improved. Everyone will actively participate in the work and serve every client with full of enthusiasm and passion!


  In order to encourage the employees' hard work, inspire the employee morale, enhance the company cohesiveness; elevate employees' recognition of the company, and provide opportunities for colleagues to communicate and further understand with each other, the company organized all employee to have dinner and take part in the cultural activities. The company's leaders and all the colleagues gathered together, laughing and talking. We are not just colleagues, but more like a family. This event did not only promoted the exchanges and cooperation between the teams, but also allowed everyone to decompress and relax from the intense work, and to devote into the daily work with a better spirit.