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Production of Protective Masks

Production of Protective Masks

Enterprise information
2020/04/07 12:09
Since the outbreak of coronavirus, masks have become extremely scarce in market. The epidemic situation is very severe. There is an urgent need to speed up production of masks in prevention of further spreading.

Since the spreading of coronavirus, masks have become extremely scarce in market. The epidemic situation is very severe. There is an urgent to speed up the production of masks to prevent further spreading.In order to solve this problem, the Fengdong New Town Epidemic Prevention and Controlling Team of Xixian New Area decided to establish an emergency center for material production and support to guide Shaanxi Hongji and the pharmaceutical industry to contribute to the epidemic prevention, equipment installation, employee training, license application, product inspection and other effective coordination between production and operations.

On February 12, Xixian New Area Emergency Materials Team visited Shaanxi Hongji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to hold a special seminar on the establishment of medical protective mask production project. Ke Wenqi, Director of Xixian New Area Market Supervision Bureau, chaired the meeting. Ye Hongqing, Deputy Director of Fengdong New Town Management Committee, Che Fei, Deputy Director of Organization Department of Xixian New District Party Committee, Zhang Zao, Director of Fengdong New Town Market Supervision Administration, Sun Hai, Deputy Director of Xixian New District Emergency Management Bureau, Wang Haofeng, Director of Jianzhang Road Police Station of Fengdong New Town and other team members attended the meeting.

At the seminar, novel coronavirus, Vice Minister of the Party committee of the Xixian New District Party committee, said that the work of promoting the prevention and control of the new coronavirus infection in the west of Shaanxi and the protection of the supply of protective materials for the front-line and new district people will be fully supported. The construction of Acer pharmaceutical mask production project will be fully supported and corresponding suggestions are made for the problems and difficulties faced by the enterprises. Around their respective functions, other team members have expressed their full cooperation to further promote the production and service work of the enterprise, coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered by the enterprise in the project construction, and fully guarantee the production and supply of emergency masks.

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, medical supplies such as medical masks and protective clothing have been in short supply in our province. Hu Tao, chairman of Shaanxi Hongji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said that since moving into Fengdong new town, Xixian New District, our company has received the care and help of leaders at all levels in the New District, and is in the social responsibility and political responsibility. We have decided to spend more than 20 million yuan to transform the 100000 level purification workshop with a total area of 2200 square meters into a standardized GMP medical surgical mask and high-end N95 folding mask production workshop, and do our best Efforts should be made to ensure the supply of medical prevention and control materials and provide strong support for winning the prevention and control of epidemic.

In the face of the current situation that production equipment and raw materials are hard to find, Shaanxi Hongji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has demonstrated its industry responsibility and actively changed production to increase production, so as to alleviate the shortage of medical protective masks in our province. It is planned to officially start the production line of masks on March 1. After the full production of 8 production lines, the daily output of medical protective masks can reach 600000, and the daily output of N95 folding masks can reach 160000. All masks will be produced in strict accordance with the requirements of the production specifications of medical devices, and all of them will meet the medical grade use standards. At that time, it will greatly alleviate the current situation of the shortage of medical protective masks in the province and make an important contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a tough battle for us to win the fight against new crown pneumonia.